Valentine's Day - Celebrating loyal and unconditional love

Valentine's Day - Celebrating loyal and unconditional love

There’s no love more loyal and unconditional than the love our furry friends show us… so its only fair we include them in our Valentine’s Day plans!

Here are some ideas to set aside some time especially for your dog on Valentine’s Day:

A special treat

We all know our dogs love treats, so why not surprise them with some special all-natural doggie donuts, a dog treat box, delicious doggie cakes and cookies, or hop online and find a recipe to make your own Valentine’s Day doggy treats!

Date your dog

Why not set some time aside for a one-on-one date with your dog, doing all the things your best friend loves.. a walk in their favourite park, a game of fetch… or surprise them with a new adventure away from home.

Plan a playdate

While your best friend loves your one-on-one time, they also love socialising and playing with their other furry friends - so why not plan a playdate with your other dog-loving friends?

Capture the moment

If you haven’t had a professional photography photograph taken with your dog, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to capture your special bond for a lifetime.


Did you know dogs love massages too? There are some great tips online for massaging your dog to help them relax and to help their muscle aches and pains… and they’ll love you even more for it!

And don’t forget there’s no better preparation for a special doggy date than treating your dog to an all-natural bubble bath, and a spray of MiPuchi’s natural luxury dog perfume…. they’ll look great and smell great for your special day together.