Preparing the empty nest for your best friend.

Preparing the empty nest for your best friend

With school beginning again and without the kids at home to keep your dog company, how do you prepare the “empty nest’ so they don’t get bored and lonely?

How long your dog can stay home alone really depends on their age, stage of life, and their emotional needs. They’ll always prefer to have us at home if that have the choice… so here are a several steps you can take to ensure they are comfortable, entertained and that their emotional needs are met:

  • Firstly, get your dog in a routine for their bladder control if they are staying indoors - let them outside just before you leave for the day, and as soon as you get home.
  • Make sure they have plenty of water for them during the day, and they they have been fed before you leave.
  • If your dog is active, take them for a walk or play fetch before you leave to use up some of the excess energy before you go out - or hire a dog walker during the day.
  • Mix up their days by booking them into a doggy day car - even if it’s only once a week for social stimulation.
  • Make sure you dog has a comfortable place to rest, their dog bed… or yours!
  • Treat your dog to some mentally stimulating dog treat puzzles while you’re out.
  • Leave the TV or radio on for some comforting background music to distract them from other noises in your neighbourhood.