Taking a vacation with your best friend

Taking a vacation with your best friend

Because our dogs are such an important part of our family, it’s only natural we want to take them on vacation with us. But it’s just as important that we prepare them, and ourselves before taking a road trip - or a plane trip!

To prepare your dog for your vacation make sure they are trained to travel well, and will be well-behaved in exciting new locations and amongst people and other pets - this will ensure your vacation is a lot more enjoyable for everyone!

Planning your vacation

When you’re taking your dog on vacation, it’s important you plan well in advance to ensure:

  • your accommodation is pet-friendly, and that you are able to leave them alone in your room at times when you’ll be out without them - and that they won’t disturb other guests.
  • you take your dogs own bed and toys so they feel “at home” and settled while they’re away
  • any parks or trails you’re visiting are dog-friendly, and that you take bags to dispose of waste
  • any restaurants or venues you’re visiting are dog-friendly

Preparing your dog for car travel

Before you leave for your vacation, ensure:

  • that your dog is up to date with their vaccinations and flea and worm treatments
  • you have checked with your vet that your dog is healthy to travel
  • that you dog is used to travelling in your car for longer distances
  • that you have a safe space for your dog to travel - a dog car seat, travel crate or seat harness
  • that your dog has your contact details on its collar
  • that you have plenty of water for your dog’s hydration, and plan regular toilet stops

Preparing your dog for plane travel

If you’re travelling by air, ensure:

  • you check the airline’s policy for pets - they may be breed-specific
  • you have a carrier that is approved by the airline and pout your dog’s favourite blankets and toys with them so the familiar scents help to lower their stress levels
  • you talk to your vet regarding ways they can help reduce your dog’s travel stress
  • you exercise your dog before checking-in

If you follow all of the tips above your vacation will be a lot easier for your dog, and your family. Happy vacationing!